Homemade Ice Cream


Welcome to Big Buck’s Ice Cream

Located in TimbuckII Shopping Center, Corolla, NC and Buccaneer’s Walk Shopping center, Kitty Hawk, NC (right next to Captain’s Frank). Serving our customers since 1994, Big Buck’s Ice Cream is dedicated serving you “The Best.” We offer a full line of super-premium ice cream products. All made from scratch with only the best ingredients from around the world.

  • Made fresh daily. We use fresh milk, cream, sugar and pasteurize these ingredients to create a delicious, creamy, natural, super-premium ice cream.
  • Our Sorbets are made from the best fruits available. For those who are lactose intolerant this is a great treat.
  • Our Sherbets are refreshing. Great for those who wish to indulge in our lower fat product.

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